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About us

Ruderman Family Foundation

The Ruderman Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation established in 2002 in the United States and managed by the Ruderman family. The foundation works in the United States and Israel to strengthen the connection between the State of Israel and the Jewish community in the United States and promoting strategic philanthropy. Until 2020 it also worked to integrate people with disabilities into society.

In the field of Israel-American Jewry relations, the Foundation focuses on strengthening the sense of mutual commitment between the State of Israel and the Jewish communities in the United States. The Foundation works to increase awareness and disseminate quality and trusted knowledge to the Israeli public about the Jewish community in the United States, to promote and develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs, successes and challenges facing American Jews. The Ruderman Family Foundation sees American Jewry as a strategic asset for the State of Israel and a significant part of the prosperity of the Jewish people as a whole.

The Ruderman Family Foundation strives to act as a strategic catalyst in the arenas in which it has chosen to intervene, in cooperation with the state, civil society, the private sector and philanthropy, without political affiliation and out of values of social justice, equality and world correction. The mission of the foundation is to lead to the creation of a commitment of the leadership and the Israeli public, which will lead to joint action and strengthen the connection between the two largest Jewish communities in the world.

About us

Jewish Foodie

A new online series initiated by the Ruderman Family Foundation, starring award-winning Israeli actor and comedian, Ori Laizerouvich. Ori embarks on a fascinating culinary journey in various parts of the US to get to know the Jewish communities across the country. Throughout the series, Ori is exposed to the cultural diversity of these communities, eating in iconic Jewish restaurants, cooking with experienced chefs, and meeting colorful figures from the US Jewish communities, introducing their unique stories, culture, and food. 

Initiated by: Jay and Shira Ruderman, Ruderman Family Foundation

Produced by: Asaf and Roni Nawi

Production Company: Nawipro

Creator and content director: Yehuda Ozalvo (Project and Content Manager, Ruderman Family Foundation)

Directed, edited and filmed by: Or Sitt

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