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Episode 7 | A Jewish Cowboy? There's Such a Thing!

The journey in southern United States continues, and this time Ori arrives in Austin, Texas, where he meets Jonathan Hochman, a Jewish cowboy, who invites him to cook one of his favorite dishes - a combination of two cuisines: Israeli and Texan - "Shakshuka-Hobos Rancheros" (Texan-Mexican style shake). Afterwards, the two continue to visit Rodeo Austin, where they taste the local delicacies and enjoy a true Texan experience.

Episode 6 | The Jewish Baker Who Made it Big in a Small Town in the Southern US

Ori continues his journey in southern United States, this time in the state of Arkansas, where he visits a local bakery - Ambrosia - and meets Milli, a Jewish lady who used to live in Israel, and now runs a bakery with a variety of Jewish pastries. After that, Ori continues to the hot springs of the city of Hot Springs, after which the city is named, and he ends his visit with a southern Friday dinner with the small Jewish community that remained in the city.

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