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Episode 8 | Austin, Texas: The Burger with a Jewish Twist!

Just before we are saying goodbye to the southern United States, Ori continues his visit to Austin, Texas with a local Texan-Mexican breakfast at a Jewish Deli - "Biederman's", together with Rabbi Neil Blumofe, known as "Rabbi Cowboy". Later that day, Ori visits a hamburger restaurant that has become a local sensation - the "JewBoy Burger". Between each bite, Mo, the owner of the restaurant, shares with Ori the tricks that make his hamburger so delicious, the Jewish angle of his food, and the origin of the restaurant's unique name.

Episode 6 | The Jewish Baker Who Made it Big in a Small Town in the Southern US

Ori continues his journey in southern United States, this time in the state of Arkansas, where he visits a local bakery - Ambrosia - and meets Milli, a Jewish lady who used to live in Israel, and now runs a bakery with a variety of Jewish pastries. After that, Ori continues to the hot springs of the city of Hot Springs, after which the city is named, and he ends his visit with a southern Friday dinner with the small Jewish community that remained in the city.

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